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caitlin's yard sale

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Before you shop, there are some things you should know. [Mar. 17th, 2012|05:17 pm]
caitlin's yard sale
No prices are set in stone!

I must receive payment within 14 days of offered price.
This give you plenty of time, so there is no reason to deadbeat me.

if you are not interested in the item anymore, please let me know so I don't have to keep bothering you.
if you choose to not tell me within 14 days of the offered price that you aren't interested, do not send me a payment, and disappear off the face of the earth; that's being a deadbeat and I will add you to my Deadbeat List.

MONEY ORDER/PERSONAL CHECK - YES (must clear before item is sent)

I do trade. I try to find something I like, but let's face it sometimes it just doesn't work out.

I update the lists of items often, so be sure to check back. This Journal is public but comments are always screened so you don't have to worry about your information going public.

Shipping costs for bidders within the US and Canada are always $3 (+$1.50 for each additional item). THIS EXCLUDES SMALL ITEMS (such as eyeliner/shadow, shot glasses, lighters, etc) small items shipped for $1.50. International orders are accepted, but make sure you contact me for a new accurate shipping cost. If you wish to purchase delivery confirmation or insurance, contact me for a shipping price adjustment.

I think that just about covers it.
If you have any questions, ask. I am more than happy to take more pictures and measure items for you.

EMAIL - cate008[at]yahoo.com
PAYPAL - c10murphy[at]bridgew.edu
AIM - refriedbeatss

Thanks for viewing.
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NEW ITEMS! [Dec. 5th, 2010|02:32 pm]
caitlin's yard sale
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Menu [Mar. 16th, 2010|09:07 am]
caitlin's yard sale
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Clothes - Purses and Shoes - Accessories & More - Body Jewelry and Earrings - Stickers, Pins, Patches, Keychains - Hair Extensions - Cds, Records, and Music Merchandise - Home Decor - Electronics - Books - Feedback


Feedback [Mar. 16th, 2010|09:03 am]
caitlin's yard sale
Please leave all feedback here.

Positive: 33
Neutral: 0
Negative: 0

also check out my feedback on ebay: ediblepinkcoke

I report deadbeats and scammers to i_was_scammed.

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NEW ITEMS [Feb. 20th, 2010|04:42 pm]
caitlin's yard sale
These item I am selling for my sister. Lots of name brand items. No trades at all on these items. (unless you have new, unopened baby items. but we are very picky)
Items will ship in flat rate boxes with delivery confirmation and I will do my best to fit as much stuff in each box as possible for you. (I am usually good at getting 3-4 shirts in a small box, depending on thickness.. etc.) Some prices are suggested.. everything is pretty much make an offer though. PAYPAL PREFERRED!

Combined shipping on these items and any other item from ediblepinkcoke..
These items will be donated to goodwill after 4/30/10, so get it before its gone.

specific shipping informationCollapse )

VS, candies, urban behavior, express, hollister.. moreCollapse )
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FREE CONDOMS! [Feb. 18th, 2010|08:54 pm]
caitlin's yard sale
With every purchase!
For real. Safe Sex is the Best Sex. <3

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NEW RANDOM ITEMS [Feb. 18th, 2010|08:21 pm]
caitlin's yard sale
Prices are suggestions and do include shipping.

bar master requires 2 AA batteries NIB
beer coolers, purses, hats, scarves, belts, moreCollapse )
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NEW JEWELRY for sale [Feb. 18th, 2010|07:03 pm]
caitlin's yard sale
New and Gently used jewelry. Click picture for a larger view.
Prices include shipping. Will negotiate on some items.

check out my journal or more items and feedback ediblepinkcoke

Gently Used gold tone bib circle necklace
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CDs, DVDs, and Music Merchandise - 4 items - Updated 7/15/09 [Aug. 15th, 2009|05:51 pm]
caitlin's yard sale
[Tags|, ]

CDS, DVDS, Music MerchCollapse )
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Books and Paper Goods - 1 item - Updated 07/15/09 [Jul. 15th, 2009|05:52 pm]
caitlin's yard sale
[Tags|, , ]

BooksCollapse )
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